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How to Evict a Section 8 Tenant in New Jersey


Knowing how to evict a Section 8 tenant in New Jersey is important if you are a landlord who plans to accept payment via Section 8 vouchers for your rental properties. Section 8 tenants are expected to follow the terms of a lease just like any other renter. Depending on their income qualifications, they may also have to make a contribution toward the rental payment aside from the voucher.

In some cases, the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) may play a limited role in the eviction, but for the most part, a Section 8 eviction is up to the landlord in question. Because of the complications that are often involved in federally subsidized housing evictions, you need to have experienced real estate lawyers on your side to help.


Federally Subsidized Housing Requirements

Renters who use Section 8 vouchers are renters who have met the qualifications established by the Section 8 program through the HUD. These qualifications include submitting income verification sheets, not committing crimes, and not being a lifetime registered sex offender among other things.

When a renter fails to meet some of these criteria, the landlord can inform the managing office for HUD in New Jersey. While they won’t evict the tenant for you, they will most likely refuse to make any further payments toward the tenant’s rent.

Unless the tenant can cover the full amount as specified by the lease, you can then evict them for nonpayment. This is the fastest way to evict a tenant in New Jersey.


Section 8 Eviction Process

Once you have determined the reason for the eviction and the path you need to take, it is up to you to follow the guidelines set forth just as you would for any other tenant.

In the end, knowing how to evict a Section 8 tenant in New Jersey is much the same as knowing how to evict any other tenant. The only real difference is that you may be required to give notice before you file for eviction for nonpayment of rent. In any event, it’s in your best interests to let experienced New Jersey eviction lawyers manage the process on your behalf so that nothing is overlooked during the proceedings.


Why You Need an Eviction Lawyer

When it comes to federally subsidized housing and evicting Section 8 tenants, you don’t want to risk making costly mistakes. The experienced attorneys at Jean Baptiste & Associates, LLC can navigate the process on your behalf and ensure that the process is performed legally and correctly.

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