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New Jersey Condo Association Lawyer

In New Jersey, there are often questions concerning the legalities of condo association rules versus owner’s rights. Disputes can be settled by consulting a New Jersey condo association lawyer who can manage the issues on your behalf and make sure that you are on the legally correct side of the matter. In recent years, laws have been changed to limit the rights of the developers and to give the associations and owners more say in any changes that are to be made. Whether you represent a condo association or are an individual condo owner, you can benefit from the experience of the New Jersey condo association lawyers of Jean Baptiste & Associates, LLC in any real estate matters.

New Jersey Condo Standards and Statutes

Homeowners associations and condo associations are both required by law to uphold certain standards and statutes as determined by the New Jersey legislature. The legislation was designed to assist owners in utilizing the associations with as little dispute as possible. Yet the legislation can be difficult to navigate without the assistance of sound legal interpretation. Whether you represent an association or are a condo owner, it’s important to have qualified lawyers on your side to make sure all standards and statutes are followed.

What Are Association Duties and Responsibilities?

Many people often wonder what the exact purpose of a condo association actually is. Basically, condo associations exist for the purpose of ensuring that parameters are in place and are implemented to the benefit of the owners who subject themselves to the will of the association. These owners have a responsibility to follow the rules of the association, but also have the right to attend the meetings that determine those same rules that govern the properties. Our condo association lawyers at Jean Baptiste & Associates, LLC can ensure that all of the details of existing laws are accounted for and that owners are getting the full benefit of their association membership at the same time.

Master Deeds and Limits

New Jersey laws limit the amount of control that developers have over the condos, but still ensure that all of the details are outlined in a master deed. Once the time in which developers have a say in how a condo is managed and what contracts are utilized has passed, the association assumes control.

The entire process, from creating the master deed to figuring out the minutiae of how the courtyard is managed, has to go through an approval process. An experienced New Jersey condo association lawyer can ensure that all of the existing legal details are tended to while also noting any changes or additions to the laws that govern condo and homeowner associations.

Why You Need a Qualified Condo Association Lawyer

If you are a condo owner or represent a condo association, you need a qualified legal team on your side to guide you through any legal issues. If you have questions or concerns regarding condo associations, call Jean Baptiste & Associates, LLC at 1-800-531-6442 or contact us online to schedule a consultation.