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New Jersey Section 8 Lawyer

New Jersey rental units are regulated by strict laws in order to protect both the tenant and the landlord. When it comes to Section 8 laws, both tenants and landlords would do well to know their rights in order to prevent loss of funds and accidental oversights. One of the good things about relying on Section 8 vouchers is that landlords don’t have to worry about things like job loss impacting the timeliness of a tenant’s rent payment. At the same time, they should be aware that the process of dealing with Section 8 is a bit different than simply accepting cash payments. A New Jersey section 8 lawyer can help outline the details.

New Jersey Section 8 Landlords

Technically, there are no properties that are strictly Section 8. Rather, landlords are supposed to accept Section 8 vouchers as a form of payment. It is considered discriminatory to deny renting to potential renters because their payments are made with Section 8 vouchers. However, there are specific requirements that landlords will need to meet in order to accept these payments. For the most part, these are requirements that landlords should meet anyhow, like keeping the property safe for renters to live in.

Section 8 Renters

Before landlords decide to rent out units while accepting Section 8 vouchers, they should have a firm understanding of the tenants they can expect. Section 8 vouchers are generally for people who have a very limited income, so they won’t be able to afford some of the more expensive elements that other renters might be able to. For example, many people who receive this type of assistance survive on minimum wage or less, so expecting them to manage things like extensive landscaping maintenance is unrealistic and may be beyond their financial means.

Rental Issues and Section 8

The renter and the landlord must meet certain obligations for Section 8 vouchers to pay out. If an issue with eviction comes about, it has to be handled differently than the typical eviction process. For example, landlords do not take Section 8 tenants through the usual process for nonpayment. Instead, they go through small claims court. A New Jersey Section 8 lawyer can manage these issues so that time and money are not wasted using the wrong procedures. Although all rental issues can be complicated and difficult to navigate alone, when Section 8 is involved, it can become even more so. In any landlord-tenant rental issue, it’s important that you follow all of the necessary laws and procedures.

If you are a landlord or a tenant facing a rental dispute and Section 8 is involved, it’s crucial that you have lawyers on your side who are experienced in this area. Don’t risk making a mistake that can cost you thousands of dollars or a place to live. Call Jean Baptiste & Associates, LLC at 1-800-531-6442 or contact us online to schedule a consultation.