Cherry Hill Traffic Ticket Lawyer

You couldn’t pick a better place than Cherry Hill when finding a location to live in the northeast, but traffic tickets are handed out everywhere, including here. With an ever-increasing population of 71,045 and being only eight miles from Philadelphia, traffic tickets are an everyday occurrence. Unfortunately, these citations can cost you both time and money.

The New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) keeps track of these violations and their penalties with a point system that can cost you even more money than it might seem at first. These points can cost you your license, and your insurance company will likely raise your rates for each one earned.

As a result, you should fight every ticket you get, because of both the long- and short-term costs. You will stand a better chance of winning with the help of a Cherry Hill traffic ticket lawyer from Jean Baptiste & Associates, LLC on your side

Traffic Tickets Take a Toll

Depending on the violation, you will face a combination of points, fines, surcharges, license suspension terms, and possible jail time. Most of the time, you will get a fine or surcharge, but jail time is usually reserved for flagrant violations or repeat offenders. These charges can include speeding, illegal U-turns, or blinker violations, just to name a few.

For more serious offenses, in addition to the fines, you are looking at license suspension and community service—and jail time becomes increasingly likely. Reckless driving, causing an accident with an injury, fleeing the scene of an accident, or any number of other offenses can earn you these heavier penalties.

Whether your citation is major or minor, you should always fight the charge and consult with a Cherry Hill traffic ticket lawyer from our firm.

How Can a Cherry Hill Traffic Ticket Lawyer Help?

Attempting to handle a traffic violation case on your own can be confusing, convoluted, and very stressful. You need a Cherry Hill traffic violation lawyer who knows the local court system and how to negotiate a plea deal that includes the best terms possible for you—ideally reducing or overturning your charges completely.

A Cherry Hill traffic ticket lawyer from our firm is an essential partner when contesting tickets. We will be able to explain the challenges facing you and what actions are possible in combating them. Easing the legal stress by managing legal documentation and taking over courtroom appearances are just two ways we can help.

The goal of your Cherry Hill traffic violation lawyer will be to get your charges completely dismissed, but barring that, we will at least seek to get your charges reduced, along with your fines and points. Depending on your case, we may go about this by claiming equipment failure or irregular testing or citing an officer’s lapse in training or a mistake in the paperwork.

Consult a Cherry Hill Traffic Violation Lawyer

Whether you have been accused of tailgating or causing an accident involving an injury, we can build a defense capable of protecting your financial future, your family’s mobility, and your freedom. Contact a Cherry Hill traffic ticket lawyer from Jean Baptiste & Associates, LLC soon to begin planning your strategy. 

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