How to Get Rid of Squatters in New Jersey

If you own any land in New Jersey, it is a good idea to know and understand how to get rid of squatters in New Jersey. With such a significant slump in the housing markets, many properties sit abandoned and unprotected. Squatters who are in need of shelter may take it upon themselves to move into an abandoned home and eventually claim it as their own.

Once they are there, it can be difficult to remove them. The same applies to tenants who refuse to vacate after their lease has expired. In either case, you’ll need the assistance of the capable real estate lawyers of Jean Baptiste & Associates, LLC. We have extensive experience in cases involving squatters and know how to have them evicted.

Trespasser or Owner?

New Jersey statutes governing adverse possession make it difficult for squatters to maintain their claim on a property. To do so, they have to meet rigorous qualifications and be able to prove that they have met all of the necessary criteria.

Conversely, as the owner of the land, you have to prove both that you are the property owner and that you have not given permission for the person to be on the property.

Squatters May File for a Quiet Title

Squatters who are determined to call a property their own have the right to file for a quiet title in New Jersey and other states. A quiet title is a title that an individual can apply for after they have occupied a property for a specific period of time. In New Jersey, that time varies depending on whether there is a house on the property. Because of this, you risk losing your property to someone who just decided to live there and make it their own.

Renters Who Refuse to Move

Sometimes you may have a tenant who refuses to move after a lease ends and a notice to quit has been served. When this happens, the tenant effectively becomes a squatter on your property, and normal eviction procedures will apply.

During the time period that the squatter is refusing to move, the former tenant faces a penalty of double the rent that had been agreed upon in the terms of the lease for as long as he or she refuses to vacate the premises. Collecting this money and evicting the squatter can be problematic, so working with one of our real estate lawyers can save you quite a bit of grief.

Experienced Eviction Attorneys in New Jersey

Squatters and evictions are complicated and stressful matters that you shouldn’t have to deal with on your own. Let the experienced attorneys at Jean Baptiste & Associates, LLC navigate the process of getting rid of squatters for you.

To arrange a time to discuss your case, give us a call or complete our contact form at the bottom of this page. Call today and put an end to squatters taking over your property.

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