How Will a New Jersey Traffic Ticket Affect My Car Insurance?

A traffic citation can have a disastrous impact on your auto insurance. Keep reading to find out the answer to the question, “How will a New Jersey traffic ticket affect my car insurance?”

Getting cited for any traffic violation is a stressful hassle, and while challenging the charges may seem daunting, pleading guilty will cause you to suffer through a number of negative repercussions. You could face fines, surcharges, driving points, license suspension, and even jail time if you are convicted.

However, some of the longest-lasting costs are caused by insurance companies raising rates due to the points you incur. You have to fight every ticket as if it were your last to keep your insurance intact and your premiums low. To succeed, you will need a New Jersey traffic ticket lawyer from Jean Baptiste & Associates, LLC to help you get your traffic violation reduced or dismissed.

Driving Points and Auto Insurance

The New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) uses a traffic violation point schedule to track each driver’s violations and determine the penalties. These driving points will be added to your license to indicate the violations you have committed. As this point total rises, so does the impact it has on the auto insurance that is available to you.

These records are viewed as predictors of your potential for being involved in traffic accidents, so you become seen as a higher risk to an insurance company’s bottom line. Because they believe they are more likely to have to pay out an insurance claim against you than they are for other drivers with fewer violations, they will raise your rates to cover the expected costs.

Insurance Company Point Schedules and Premium Hikes

Insurance companies maintain their own driving point schedules and use them to set the proper premium hike for each violation. Most forms of moving violations will increase your rates, while most non-moving violations will not—unless they pile up.

Most, if not all, insurance companies only reduce your in-house point totals after you go a year without a ticket. This means that even if you get your points lowered by a judge or through a defensive driving program, the insurance company will not amend their records or lower your rates.

These rate increases can range from $100 to $600 per year per point, costing you thousands by the time they naturally drop off your license. This is the biggest reason to defend yourself against even the smallest traffic infraction every time you receive a ticket.

Losing Your Car Insurance Coverage

Even worse than a higher premium is the possibility that your insurance company could drop you at the end of your current coverage term. It is perfectly legal for them to do so, and this often happens after a few claims or several high-risk traffic violations. High risk convictions and other factors that could lead to lost coverage include the following:

  • Being convicted for a DUI or DWI, excessive speedingreckless driving, or other serious traffic violations
  • Causing an accident that results in a serious injury or death
  • Multiple traffic violations—even minor ones
  • If you develop a record of frequent insurance violations

Get a Free Traffic Ticket Case Evaluation Today

If you are dealing with a motor vehicle violation and are not sure if you should challenge the charges, it is time to decide to fight. Every ticket you get is one step closer to either extremely high insurance rates or being denied auto coverage. With a New Jersey traffic ticket lawyer from Jean Baptiste & Associates, LLC on your team, you will have the best opportunity to get your traffic violation reduced or overturned.

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