Hudson County Landlord-Tenant Lawyer

For example, in Hudson County, there is a Warrant of Removal rather than an eviction notice. An experienced Hudson County landlord-tenant lawyer will be familiar with the requirements and laws governing landlords and tenants in New Jersey and will be essential to have on your side during any disputes.

Mediation for Resolving Disputes

Not all rental disputes have to be settled in court. When there is a dispute between landlords and tenants, mediation may be an option.

If, for instance, there are disputes concerning whether a rental property is safe for human habitation or tenants who have unrealistic expectations for costly upgrades, mediation may be an option that allows you to resolve any issues without going to court.

However, in order for mediation to be effective, you need an experienced real estate lawyer who can examine the details and effectively negotiate with your interests in mind.

Settling Disputes Out of Court

There are many other types of disputes that can be resolved without going to court. Our attorneys can help you settle other issues, such as leases and rental agreements, outside of the courtroom. This can save you a considerable amount of time and money, and it lets you move on with your life as quickly and easily as possible.

The attorneys at Jean Baptiste & Associates, LLC can ensure your real estate issues are resolved in the best way possible.

Rules Regarding Evictions.

Contrary to popular belief, landlords can’t just evict tenants from their property. This can be good for tenants, but it makes things more difficult for landlords. All evictions have to go through a specific process.

In most cases, either a Notice to Cease or a Notice to Quit—sometimes both— is used before the eviction process begins. Unlike other counties, Hudson County handles landlord-tenant claims in the court called the Special Civil Part and has specific rules for these cases.

Legal Rental Documentation

From beginning to end, there are several documents that are involved in the rental process. Many landlords who own more than one rental property will establish a system with their Hudson County landlord-tenant lawyer to make sure all documents are created and processed in a timely manner.

Some of the documents we can help you prepare and carry out include the following:

  • Truth in Renting
  • Lease
  • Notice to Cease
  • Notice to Quit
  • Eviction
  • And many others

A Hudson County landlord-tenant lawyer from our office is experienced in multiple types of real estate matters and can assist you from the beginning to the end.

Whether you need a rental agreement prepared or have an issue that needs to be resolved with a landlord or tenant, our attorneys can help. 

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