Mt. Holly Traffic Ticket Lawyer

Whether you’ve been ticketed for speeding, reckless driving, or something else, you don’t have to accept the charges against you. Save time, money, and possibly your license by working with a Mt. Holly traffic ticket lawyer.

Mt. Holly has given rise to success stories such as a gold medal Olympian, a Kentucky Derby winner, and many civil rights champions, so getting any traffic ticket can be fairly embarrassing. Not only do traffic citations damage your reputation, they can also cost you significantly in money, time, and even freedom.

If you have received a citation, you need a Mt. Holly traffic ticket lawyer from Jean Baptiste & Associates, LLC to defend you against the extensive penalties you may be facing.

Driving Points in New Jersey

The New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) monitors driver history, citations, and penalties with a point system similar to nearly every other state. Every traffic violation has a set number of points that are added to your license ranging from two to five, and you can always get more than one citation in one incident or stop.

If you reach six points or more, you will receive an annual surcharge for three years in the amount of $150, plus an additional $25 for every point over six. Reaching twelve will result in a suspended license, and to get it back, there are fines, surcharges, and court-ordered classes. You may be able to avoid all of this by working with a Mt. Holly traffic ticket lawyer from our firm ahead of time.

Reducing Points on Your New Jersey Drivers License

There are only two ways other than court-ordered classes to reduce the point total on your license. The first means avoiding tickets for a full year, which will remove three points.

The other, more pro-active way, is to enroll in a defensive driver program, which drops two points but can only be done once every five years. The duration that points last and the costs they inflict is the primary reason to fight every ticket as if it will cost you your license, financial security, and possibly your freedom—because eventually a ticket just might. With the help of a Mt. Holly traffic violation lawyer, you may be able to protect your future and get your ticket reduced or dismissed.

Common Mt. Holly Traffic Violations

There are many traffic laws that can be broken—several you may not even be aware of. Here are a few of the most common offenses a Mt. Holly traffic ticket lawyer will be able to handle for you, as well as the potential penalties they can result in:

  • Driving with an Expired License – $200–$500 fine, sixty days in jail, no license issued for 180 days
  • Reckless Driving – Five points, $50–$200 fine, sixty days in jail
  • Speeding – Two to five points, $50–$200 fine, fifteen days in jail
  • Careless Driving – Two points, $50–$200 fine, fifteen days in jail
  • Running a Stop Sign – Two points, $50–$200 fine, fifteen days in jail
  • Improper Signal – Two points, $50–$200 fine, fifteen days in jail

Free Consultation with a Mt. Holly Traffic Violation Lawyer

If you or a loved one has been cited for a traffic violation, you owe it to your finances, your career, your family, and your future to fight the ticket. A Mt. Holly traffic ticket lawyer from Jean Baptiste & Associates, LLC will get you the best results possible for your case. Please call us or fill out the form below to schedule a free consultation at your convenience.

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