My License Was Suspended. What Now?

If your license was suspended, you should speak with an experienced traffic attorney about getting it back. This is not something that you want to ignore, because once your license has been suspended for the first time, you are at risk for it being suspended more easily in the future.

Plus, each time you lose your license, the penalties and suspension times are increased. This makes it critical for you to take the first offense seriously.

Ways a License Can Be Suspended in New Jersey

When at all possible, you should take the steps necessary to avoid the suspension of your drivers license. Working with an attorney can help prevent a suspension because you can fight your tickets long before you near this point.

There are other possible ways to have your license suspended, however:

Watch Out

If your license is suspended multiple times, you are at risk for losing it for up to three years. For example, if you lost your license temporarily by not showing up for court and then again for not paying a fine, your third suspension could lead to you being unable to drive for three full years.

You need an attorney to assist you any time your license is at risk for suspension. Additionally, each time that your license is suspended, you will lose it for a longer amount of time.

Your Options

When working with an attorney, there are options available to you beyond a license suspension. For example, if your license is at risk due to points on your record, you can fight tickets and try to get them dismissed as they come in.

If you are past this point, you may qualify for the Driver Improvement Program. This is a course that is offered through certain approved providers in lieu of losing your license for thirty days. It removes three points from your record, enough to avoid a suspension, but not enough to clear it. This means that you need to continue to drive safely afterwards and fight any additional tickets you receive.

Restoring Your License

Once your license has been lost, you will need to wait out the suspension period and be sure to pay any related fines during that time. Once you do, you will receive a notice that allows you to restore your license. The cost is $100 on top of any fees that you owe.

Speak with a New Jersey Traffic Citation Lawyer

If you fear that your license may be suspended, the best thing you can do is call Jean Baptiste & Associates, LLC for help. Being proactive may prevent your license suspension, allowing you to continue driving, picking up your kids from school, going to work, grocery shopping, and carrying on with your life.

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