New Jersey CDL Violation Lawyer

Awarding a commercial drivers license (CDL) is a responsibility the state and federal governments do not take lightly. You can lose your CDL for regular traffic infractions even when not in a commercial motor vehicle (CMV). This could be due to excessive points, specific violations, being at fault in an accident, and failure to have auto insurance.

The New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) documents your traffic violations, issuing points and other penalties that can negatively affect your short-term and long-term financial stability. Your CDL is your livelihood, and even a sixty-day suspension could severely hurt you both financially and with respect to your career.

With the aid of a New Jersey CDL violation lawyer from Jean Baptiste & Associates, LLC, we can find a way to minimize any damage and possibly get the charges dismissed completely.

New Jersey Motor Vehicle Violations

There are several regular motor vehicle violations that can get your CDL suspended with just the first offense. Whatever your charge, a New Jersey CDL violation lawyer from our office will be able to advise you on how to proceed.

  • If you are caught driving any vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance with a blood alcohol content over the legal limit or refuse an alcohol test, your CDL will be suspended for one year.
  • Driving recklessly, making inappropriate lane changes, or tailgating the vehicle ahead of you will earn you a sixty-day suspension of your CDL.
  • Texting while driving also carries a sixty-day CDL suspension for just the first violation.
  • If you, as the driver of a CMV, fail to stop, slow down, have sufficient space to move all the way across, obey traffic devices or officials, or bottom out on railroad tracks, then you will earn a sixty-day CDL suspension.
  • Transporting nonhazardous materials in an out-of-service CMV will earn you a 180-day to one-year mandatory suspension. If the cargo was hazardous or can carry sixteen or more passengers, the suspension falls between 180 days and two years.

A New Jersey Commercial Drivers License Violation Lawyer Can Help

These suspensions are all in addition to the regular fines, surcharges, points, suspensions, or imprisonment normally carried by those traffic violations. These offenses can cost you thousands of dollars, your career, your family’s happiness, and the loss of both types of driving privileges.

Fighting the charges against you is the only option you have, and you will need an experienced New Jersey CDL violation lawyer on your side in the courtroom. A knowledgeable attorney can get the charges dropped or reduced, along with mitigating the extensive penalties.

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If you have received any traffic tickets, then your CDL is at risk and you need to defend it. Your family’s wellbeing and your livelihood are at stake, so contact a New Jersey CDL violation lawyer from Jean Baptiste & Associates, LLC. We can do the fighting for you.

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