New Jersey Chronic Nonpayment Lawyer

When tenants are repeatedly late or neglect to pay their rent, a landlord who wants to secure an eviction must first prove the tenants’ chronic nonpayment. Under New Jersey law, a landlord has the right to expect timely payment from his or her tenants. However, tenants don’t always honor their obligations, even when they have the means to do so. In such cases, the landlord may have to seek legal action in order to evict the nonpaying tenants. In order to make sure the process is carried out correctly and lawfully, you will need the assistance of the experienced New Jersey chronic nonpayment lawyers of Jean Baptiste & Associates, LLC.

Legal Eviction Requirements

Seeking a chronic nonpayment lawyer in New Jersey is a good option for both landlords and tenants in this sort of situation. Each party is required to either prove or disprove the allegation of chronic nonpayment. The landlord is also required to follow specific steps before he or she is lawfully able to file an eviction notice. Doing so without following all of the required steps can easily result in losing the case. The tenant may even consider filing some type of discriminatory lawsuit against the landlord as a result. For the safety of both the landlord and the tenant, it’s crucial that a qualified legal team be on your side to ensure the process is carried out properly.

Chronic Nonpayment or Chronic Late Payment?

Chronic nonpayment lawyers know that chronic late payment is not the same as chronic nonpayment, particularly as far as the courts are concerned. A landlord who wants to evict a chronically late paying tenant must have first served a Notice to Cease. The landlord then needs to continuously provide the tenant with written notice that late payments may lead to an eviction. Should the landlord miss even one of these steps, the Notice to Cease will be considered invalid. This is just one reason it is a good idea to have an experienced lawyer provide you with all of the elements you need in order to deal with tenants who are chronically late.

Dealing with Tenants Who Don’t Pay

Landlords who want to avoid the long drawn-out process of dealing with chronic nonpayment should seek the advice of an experienced New Jersey chronic nonpayment lawyer. Not only will doing so ensure the correct legal procedures are followed, but it can also be extremely helpful in managing nonpaying tenants and handling an eviction if the tenant problems continue.

Why You Need an Experienced Lawyer

If you are a landlord dealing with a nonpaying tenant or are yourself a tenant accused of nonpayment, you need the assistance of our real estate lawyers. Don’t risk making a costly mistake on your own. Call Jean Baptiste & Associates, LLC today.

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