New Jersey Improper Passing Ticket Lawyer

Passing violations cover a number of possible scenarios. Whatever the situation that resulted in yours, a New Jersey improper passing ticket lawyer may be able to help you get your charge reduced or dismissed.

Getting past that one last car sometimes seems like the key to a faster trip home from work, but be careful to follow proper passing procedures. Not only is it unsafe to pass improperly, but if you get a ticket, it can be expensive even without an accident.

If you have been charged with a passing violation, you need an experienced New Jersey improper passing ticket lawyer from Jean Baptiste & Associates, LLC to join your team and build a solid defense on your behalf.

New Jersey Passing Rules

In order to make a legal passing maneuver, the lines in the middle must not be solid on your side. If they are dashed lines and you can re-enter your lane before they become solid again, then you may be able to legally pass.

However, it must be safe to do so, meaning there can’t be any cars coming from the other direction in the lane you will be temporarily occupying. There must be a clear line of sight at the time, even if the lines are dashed, and a New Jersey improper passing ticket lawyer may be able to help prove that this was the case when you were ticketed.

New Jersey also prohibits passing on the shoulder, which usually comes up when someone is waiting to turn left off a roadway. On highways with two or more lanes going in the same direction, you can pass on the right.

Passing Penalties

The penalties for improper passing vary substantially due to the variety of offenses that the rules cover. Failing to pass to the left when overtaking a vehicle and failing to overtake and pass properly both carry a $50–$200 fine, up to fifteen days in jail, and four driving points.

Failing to pass to the right of a vehicle when proceeding in the opposite direction is a very serious citation. If you are on a standard two-direction, two-lane road and you pass an oncoming vehicle with them on your right, then you are passing improperly, and this carries the same fines and jail time, but it charges a five-point penalty due to the reckless nature of the violation.

New Jersey Driving Points

The fines and stress of a passing ticket are costly enough without the fact that you may be facing a suspended license and the possibility of jail time. The New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) uses a point system similar to most other states to track a driver’s violations and penalties. If you reach six or more, you get charged a three-year annual surcharge of $150 plus another $25 for every point over six.

If you amass twelve points, you will still face those surcharges and you will lose your license until you complete a court-ordered defensive driving program. Even after you pay your fines and pass the class, you will still only have a probationary drivers license, and the penalties for any further violation include another suspension that a New Jersey improper passing ticket lawyer will need to help you fight.

Consult a New Jersey Improper Passing Ticket Lawyer

If you have been charged with an improper passing violation, you must fight it. The long-term monetary costs are extreme, but the loss of your license or your freedom can seriously affect your social, professional, and familial wellbeing. Please contact a New Jersey improper passing ticket lawyer from Jean Baptiste & Associates, LLC so that together we can protect your and your family’s future.

Give us a call to schedule a free, no-obligation case evaluation or fill out the form below to have an associate call you back at a more convenient time. Don’t hesitate in defending yourself, find out how to beat your passing ticket today.

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