New Jersey Landlord Rights Lawyer

When it comes to New Jersey landlord-tenant relations, it often seems as if the tenant is protected and valued far more than the landlord. However, if the landlord has legally covered all of his or her bases, the court will properly judge any disputes and ensure the landlord receives compensation and satisfaction as it befits the situation. The rights of landlords in New Jersey are clearly outlined in the state codes and statutes. Choosing a landlord rights lawyer with Jean Baptiste & Associates, LLC helps you ensure your leases, tenant relations, and processes are all legal and will hold up in court. A New Jersey landlord rights lawyer helps landlords follow the law without losing any of their own rights in the process.

Creating New Jersey Leases

A landlord has the ability to create a lease as he or she sees fit. Prior to moving into the unit, renters should review the lease before they sign it. Leases cannot discriminate or infringe on the rights of tenants, but they can control how the property is used, tended to, and treated. The landlord also has the right to amend the lease or end it under certain circumstances. It is not only wise to have a lawyer create the lease in order to ensure that it is legal and binding, but it might also be necessary to seek representation in order to prove that any later changes are reasonable. Otherwise, you risk creating a lease that doesn’t protect you or your property, which can cost you thousands of dollars and unnecessary hassles in the future.

Rental Payment Issues and Landlord Rights

A landlord has the right to expect payment in a timely manner. This does not always happen, and when that is the case, our experienced lawyers can help you follow the proper procedures for eviction. An ongoing notice is extremely important as its lack can mean that the entire process has to be restarted. It’s crucial when dealing with rental payment issues that you consult our lawyers to ensure you are following the correct procedures from the beginning.

Retirement Rights and Rentals

There may come a time when a landlord decides to retire a property from residential renting. In such cases, an experienced New Jersey landlord rights lawyer will be able to assist landlords by putting a plan into action within the required timeline of eighteen months before evictions begin. Our lawyers can also help landlords deal with potential issues such as protected renters and the like.

As you can see, there are a wide variety of circumstances that require experienced landlord rights lawyers. Whether you are managing an eviction or just creating a lease for your tenants, it’s important to have a qualified legal team on your side to ensure that all of your bases are covered according to the law.

If you have questions or concerns regarding landlord rights, we can help. Call Jean Baptiste & Associates, LLC today or contact us online to schedule a consultation.

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