New Jersey Lease Dispute Lawyer

Lease disputes can be prevented by working with a lawyer to write comprehensive and legal leases, but if a dispute arises, you must follow a specific process through the New Jersey Special Civil Part Court. Even if a tenant follows the terms of a lease, should the lease fail to clearly define all of its terms, there may still be disputes regarding home maintenance, landscaping, and other activities on the property. Our experienced New Jersey lease disputes lawyers can help write the original lease and resolve any disputes in a court of law. We can also amend the lease as needed, so that these types of disputes are kept to a minimum.

New Jersey Lease Creation

Generally speaking, the New Jersey courts will ask the tenant to comply with the terms of the lease. Exceptions may include instances where the tenant is physically unable to comply or when the terms have been changed in unreasonable ways. For example, if a landlord rents out a home that requires lawn maintenance and the renter later becomes disabled and unable to walk, the lease may need to be adjusted. Conversely, a lawyer may be able to demonstrate that it would put an undue burden on the landlord, and that the tenant may be better served leasing a different rental unit with a lease that does not require lawn maintenance.

What Is an Unreasonable Change in a Lease?

New Jersey courts respect the landlord’s right to make reasonable changes to a lease. A tenant who does not agree with the changes may choose not to sign the new lease, but the tenant might also take the landlord to court, claiming discrimination or some other rights violation. In such cases, our lawyers can help demonstrate why the changes are reasonable or that they were included after an undue burden was placed upon the landlord.

Why You Need a Lease Disputes Lawyer

Whether you are a tenant or a landlord, lease disputes are complicated. In order to ensure the process is carried out legally and to protect your rights, you need an experienced legal team on your side. When disputes over a lease arise, they can potentially indicate that something as simple as a clarification of the terms of a lease needs to take place. Regardless, you need qualified lawyers to make sure all your bases are covered. An experienced New Jersey lease disputes lawyer can help resolve any disputes and adjust the lease to make complicated issues clearer for both tenants and landlords.

If you are facing a lease dispute or have concerns regarding creating or enforcing a lease agreement, don’t take a risk and try to sort it out on your own. Our qualified lawyers have many years of experience in a wide variety of landlord-tenant disputes. Call Jean Baptiste & Associates, LLC today or contact us online to schedule a consultation.

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