New Jersey No U-Turn Ticket Lawyer

Knowing when and where you’re legally allowed to make a U-turn isn’t always easy. Sometimes the signs aren’t always posted in the best locations, while at other times the visibility just isn’t very good. Receiving a no U-turn ticket, however, doesn’t always take this into account and will cost you regardless.

This type of traffic violation is expensive and should always be challenged so that you can potentially avoid the fees and points, but you will need a knowledgeable New Jersey no U-turn ticket lawyer from Jean Baptiste & Associates, LLC to successfully defend yourself.

Penalties for a No U-Turn Violation

An improper U-turn is when you turn around to head in the opposite direction at a location where a sign is posted prohibiting this specific type of turn or anywhere that your vision is limited to less than 500 feet.

The penalties for this violation are a normal fine of $85 and three points will be added to your license. Additionally, if your no U-turn violation occurs in a construction zone or other special area, your fine will increase—in this case to $140.

Your New Jersey no U-turn ticket lawyer will help you find the best way to defend against your citation.

New Jersey Traffic Points and Your U-Turn Ticket

The New Jersey point system is how the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) tracks a driver’s violations. The insurance companies also use points as reasons to increase your premiums. Points do not expire, however, and three points are removed every year that you go incident-free.

If you reach six or more points, you will be assessed a surcharge of $150 with an additional $25 for every point over six. If you reach twelve points, your license will be suspended until you take classes and pay fines, then you will drive as a probationary driver for a period of time.

There are ways to reduce your points, but the one that is not court-ordered can only be used to reduce two points every five years. Insurance often does not recognize these reductions as they keep their own records.

These restrictions to reducing points make it important that you avoid them to begin with. A New Jersey no u-turn ticket lawyer will know how to save you the most pain and points possible. This can be done through pleading to a lesser violation or taking your case to traffic court.

Free Consult with a New Jersey No U-Turn Ticket Lawyer

If you have been ticketed for any driving offense, including improper U-turns, you need to fight it. You do not know what violations you may be charged with in the future, and fighting a three-point ticket now may actually save your license down the road.

You need the help of an experienced New Jersey no U-turn ticket lawyer from Jean Baptiste & Associates, LLC to protect your finances, family, and license. At your convenience, give us a call to schedule a hassle-free, no-obligation consultation. You may also fill out the form below to arrange a time to speak with a knowledgeable associate.

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