New Jersey Nonpayment Dispute Lawyer

Landlords who have nonpaying tenants can file disputes in the New Jersey Special Civil Part Court to seek compensation and to begin eviction proceedings. However, a nonpayment dispute does not always result in eviction of the tenant. Whether the eviction is upheld will depend, in part, on the tenant’s payment history and past willingness to comply with the terms of the lease. Unfortunately, this could mean that a landlord will need to file several claims before finally being awarded an eviction and then be able to move in new, responsible, paying tenants. A New Jersey nonpayment disputes lawyer can ensure that the proper steps are taken so that landlords have the best possible chance of achieving the eviction results they seek.

Payment Lease Terms

One of most important criteria for receiving rental payments on time is making the payment due date clear in the lease. Our lawyers can create a proper lease that makes this absolutely clear, as well as the potential consequences of late payments. In any case, making the payment due date clear in the lease is the first step toward finding a renter who pays in a timely manner. It is crucial that you have experienced landlord-tenant disputes lawyers on your side in order to create a lease that works for both you and your tenants.

Notice of Potential Eviction

Even after a renter does not pay his or her rent, a landlord does not have the right to file an immediate eviction. Rather, our lawyers will to first serve a Notice to Cease to the tenant warning against future late or nonpayments. In the best-case scenario, this will result in the tenant catching up on past-due payments, and you won’t have any further issues. However, every month after a Notice to Cease is served, the landlord will need to provide the tenant with a notice of possible eviction due to nonpayment. This is a preventative measure, but also necessary to avoid having to start the process all over again.

If a tenant does not pay the rent after a Notice to Cease and notices for potential future eviction have been served every month, a New Jersey nonpayment disputes lawyer may then file for an eviction. However, there may be exceptions, including things such as a landlord allowing the unit to fall into a state of uninhabitable disrepair. If you don’t follow the proper steps and guidelines, a nonpaying tenant can end up costing you more than just missed rental payments.

Why You Need a Nonpayment Disputes Lawyer

These types of cases are far more complicated than they may at first seem. It is often about more than just proving tenants haven’t paid their rent. In order to ensure you don’t end up paying more than you should for a nonpaying tenant, you need an experienced legal team on your side. Call Jean Baptiste & Associates, LLC today or contact us online to schedule a consultation.

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