New Jersey Stop Sign Ticket Lawyer

There isn’t a driver on the road who hasn’t rolled through a stop sign without fully stopping at some point. Unfortunately there is no law for rolling through a stop sign safely, so if you are caught, you will receive a citation for the violation.

Whether you recklessly drove through a stop sign without stopping or you carefully rolled through, you need the support and knowledge of a New Jersey stop sign ticket lawyer from Jean Baptiste & Associates, LLC to successfully fight your way out of this situation.

New Jersey Stop Sign Ticket Penalties

The penalties for running a stop sign include fines from $50 to $200, court costs, up to fifteen days in jail, two license and insurance points, and your insurance company may choose not to renew your coverage.

These are some tough penalties, and the range of fines and possibility of jail time show how important it is not to argue with a police officer or aggravate the judge in any way whatsoever.

Your New Jersey stop sign ticket lawyer will know how to best handle your case. We’ll discuss your ticket in detail and help you determine what the best defense for your stop sign ticket will be.

Points and Your Drivers License

Points are an important aspect of all traffic violations, and running a stop sign is no different. Like nearly every other state, the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) uses a specific points schedule to track and punish violations.

The two points you receive for running a stop sign may not seem like a huge amount, but points can add up quickly, and they only drop off after one year of no citations. Your New Jersey stop sign ticket lawyer can provide more detailed information, but these are the basics.

  • When you reach six or more points . . .
    • You will be assessed a three-year annual surcharge of $150.
    • You will also be charged an additional $25 for every point over six.
  • When you reach twelve points . . .
    • Your license will be suspended.
  • If you want your license back . . .
    • You will have to complete and pass the court-ordered driving courses you are assigned.
    • You will then be on probation and could lose your license again for any violation.

Also, if you take a course to reduce your points, your insurance company may not acknowledge these reductions. Your New Jersey stop sign ticket lawyer will be able to explain how this affects your situation.

Free Consultation with a New Jersey Stop Sign Ticket Lawyer

If you have been charged with some form of stop sign violation, you need to know how important it is to fight the ticket. Your license, finances, and freedom may be at risk, so you need a New Jersey stop sign ticket lawyer from Jean Baptiste & Associates, LLC.

Please give us a call to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation, and we will begin building our strongest defense. You may also fill out the form below to have one of our friendly associates call you at a more convenient time. Do not wait until you are at your point limit. Fight every ticket like it is your last.

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