New Jersey Tailgating Ticket Lawyer

Whether you knew you were following too closely or not, a tailgating citation can be fought against—and won. Find out how to beat your ticket by working with a New Jersey tailgating ticket lawyer.

Sometimes we all drive a little too close to the car in front of us—often without even realizing it. Tailgating is something everyone does at some point or another, whether because we want to read their bumper sticker or we just didn’t realize how slow they were going.

Either way, it’s a dangerous driving behavior, and it can be an expensive traffic violation to deal with. If you have been through this, you will need help from a New Jersey tailgating ticket lawyer from Jean Baptiste & Associates, LLC in order to protect both your assets and your license.

Tailgating in New Jersey

New Jersey takes tailgating—or following a vehicle too closely—very seriously. It’s a danger to everyone on the road, but especially for you and the driver you are following. Knowing what is too close requires the driver to take into account the speed he or she is traveling at and the type of road and its conditions.

If you are convicted of tailgating, you will be fined between $50 and $200 and sentenced to up to fifteen days in jail. These are costly penalties, but the worst penalty may be the five driving points charged to your license.

New Jersey Driving Points

Points are how the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) tracks driver violations and penalties. The system is similar to most other states’ and can cause havoc in your professional, social, and family life. For example, if you reach six points or more—which isn’t hard after a five-point tailgating conviction—you will be subject to an annual surcharge of $150 for three years and another $25 for each point over six.

If you reach twelve points, you not only keep paying surcharges, but you also lose your license until you pass a court-ordered defensive driving program. Even after you pass, you will still only be a probationary driver, and any infraction will cause you to lose your license all over again. A New Jersey tailgating ticket lawyer can help you avoid this scenario by helping you avoid accruing points to begin with.

The only voluntary way to reduce points on your license is to pass a defensive driving class that removes two points, but this route can only be used once every five years. You can also go without a ticket for one year and get three points dropped off for each year that you do. Since there are so few ways to reduce points, it is extremely important to fight every ticket as if it this is the one that will get your license suspended, and a New Jersey tailgating ticket lawyer can make that fight winnable.

Car Insurance and Driving Points in New Jersey

All insurance companies monitor the state point totals, but they also use their own point schedule to determine how much each point will cost you in premiums. To make matters worse, they often don’t take into account point reductions due to defensive driving classes, so these rate increases are there until time removes them, which is another reason you need a New Jersey tailgating ticket lawyer to help you fight your charge of following too closely.

Contact a New Jersey Following Too Closely Ticket Lawyer

If you have been charged with a traffic violation, you need to fight it to save your finances, your freedom, and your drivers license. Contact a New Jersey tailgating ticket lawyer from Jean Baptiste & Associates, LLC so that we can begin building your defense as soon as possible.

Give us a call to schedule a free consultation or complete the form below to have an associate call you back at a more convenient time. Don’t just accept your tailgating ticket and plead guilty. After all, you may lose your license over a simple signal violation next time.

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