New Jersey Turn Signal Ticket Lawyer

If you forgot to turn your blinker on and got a ticket as a result, you can fight the citation and avoid the fines, points, and other negative consequences of a traffic ticket. To beat your ticket, discuss your case with a New Jersey turn signal ticket lawyer.

Forgetting to use your turn signal is an easy thing to do, and there are even situations where you could have a legitimate reason for not being able to use you signal before turning. Either way, an officer can still cite you for your failure to signal, and most of them probably will. Don’t think your only option is paying the ticket and accepting the points and higher insurance costs, however; in many cases it’s possible to fight—and win—a traffic ticket.

If you are facing a traffic violation for failing to signal, you need a New Jersey turn signal ticket lawyer from Jean Baptiste & Associates, LLC to help defend you and possibly get your citation reduced or dismissed.

New Jersey Turn Signal Technicalities

Generally, you must make your intent to turn or change lanes known at least 100 feet before doing so. Failure to give proper signal before starting, turning, or stopping can cost you a fine of between $50 and $200, but these tickets generally cost $85.

In addition to the financial penalty, you could also face up to a fifteen-day jail sentence, but that would usually be reserved for belligerent behavior while receiving the ticket from the officer or if you caused an accident due to your failure to signal. Depending on the specifics of what happened, a New Jersey turn signal ticket lawyer from our office will be able to determine the best defense for your situation.

New Jersey Driving Points and Blinker Tickets

The truly problematic penalty is the seemingly small amount of two driving points that you will get charged to your license upon a conviction. New Jersey tracks violations and penalties with a point system that applies a set number of points to a license for each traffic violation. While failing to signal may seem like a minor infraction, it can result in accidents that cause major damage, so they treat it seriously, just as your New Jersey turn signal ticket lawyer will.

If you reach six points or more, you will be assessed a three-year annual surcharge of $150, plus $20 for every point over six—and if you reach twelve points, your license will be suspended. You can only get it back after paying any applicable court fees, fines, and surcharges, and you may have to attend and pass a defensive driving program.

Once you do, you will receive a probationary license, which means that any traffic infraction will earn you yet another suspension. Avoiding driving points is a big part of why getting a New Jersey turn signal ticket lawyer to challenge every ticket—no matter how small—is so very important.

Reducing Points After a Turn Signal Violation

You can only voluntarily reduce points by taking a defensive driving course that will remove two points, but this can only be done once every five years. You also have the option to remove three points per year by remaining violation free for each year.

To make things even more frustrating, insurance companies will usually only acknowledge points removed by time and will raise your rates for every violation by as much as $100 to $600 per year. Your New Jersey turn signal ticket lawyer will be the key to avoiding these rate hikes altogether by getting your turn signal violation reduced or dismissed.

Consult a New Jersey Blinker Violation Lawyer

If you are struggling to fight your turn signal violation on your own, you owe it to yourself to find the right legal team to help you. Contact a New Jersey turn signal ticket lawyer from Jean Baptiste & Associates, LLC to begin building a legal defense that can protect your professional and personal wellbeing.

You can call us to schedule a free, no-obligation legal consultation. You may also fill out the form below to set a more convenient time for one of our associates to contact you. Don’t accept a turn signal conviction now and risk losing your license to something less defensible in the future. Fight your traffic ticket today.

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