Newark Traffic Ticket Lawyer

You can never know if you will face a traffic charge that cannot be successfully fought sometime in the future, so you need to fight every ticket you get. Doing this will help prevent a buildup of points, the inconvenience of losing your license, and the loss of your freedom. With the help of a Newark traffic ticket lawyer from Jean Baptiste & Associates, LLC, you can protect yourself from the worst of these problems.

Charges and Penalties for Newark Traffic Tickets

There are many possible driving violations with many penalties attached:

  • When you are caught driving without a license, you will receive a fine between $200 and $500 or imprisonment for up to two months—and you cannot get your license for another half year.
  • If you were found to be driving recklessly, you will earn a fine between $50 and $200 or two months’ jail time—or even both.
  • Driving without insurance is a pricey violation and carries a fine of between $300 and $1,000, community service, and a driver's license suspension of one year.
  • Speeding is another common infraction that is calculated in tiers of miles per hour over the speed limit. The faster you were going, the more you must pay.

Regardless of which specific violation you face, a Newark traffic violation lawyer from our office will be able to assist you.

New Jersey Driving Points Can Affect Your Insurance Rate

The insurance companies will often increase your rates for every point you earn, only lowering them after an allotted amount of time. Even if you get them removed through different driving programs, those removals might not be acknowledged by some insurers. Avoiding them altogether is the only way to guarantee they will not raise your rates for a ticket, so consult a Newark traffic ticket lawyer immediately.

You will experience other difficulties as your point total increases. If you reach six points within three years of your last violation, you will receive a $150 surcharge and $25 for each point. After that, your license will be suspended if you reach twelve points, causing nonstop problems in your professional and personal lives.

What Can a Newark Traffic Violation Lawyer Do?

A Newark traffic ticket lawyer from our firm may prevent the worst of these repercussions from hitting you. We may be able to mount a defense based on faulty equipment, a lapse in training, or some clerical error that the officer made. We will always first try to get your charge dismissed, but we may at least be able to get the charges and penalties reduced significantly if dismissal is not an option.

It is always better to retain the services of a Newark traffic ticket lawyer rather than try to represent yourself, even if you think you understand the system. Your Newark traffic violation lawyer will get the most out of every situation while keeping you composed, calm, and collected.

Consult with a Newark Traffic Ticket Lawyer

If you have been charged with any traffic violations, you have a right to contest them. With a Newark traffic ticket lawyer from Jean Baptiste & Associates, you can get your world back in order and avoid the worst of the costs. 

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