As an Out-of-State Landlord, Why Hire a New Jersey Eviction Lawyer?

If you are either an out-of-state landlord or are considering becoming one, you might be asking yourself why you would ever need to hire a New Jersey eviction lawyer. The fact of the matter is that many landlords that live in New Jersey have a hard enough time keeping up with all of the many and varied New Jersey eviction laws.

Because of changes in the housing market, the state has strengthened laws in an effort to protect tenant rights, which has had the side effect of making things more difficult for landlords. This doesn’t mean that landlords don’t have rights, but it does mean that all landlords need to be careful to follow all of the proper procedures.

As someone who is from another state, it would be easy, as well as costly, to accidentally break one of these laws as they differ greatly from other states’ real estate laws. At Jean Baptiste & Associates, LLC, we routinely help out-of-state landlords navigate New Jersey’s unique collection of landlord-tenant laws.

Landlord-Tenant Awareness in New Jersey

In many other states, tenants and landlords are on their own when it comes to understanding their basic rights concerning renting and evictions. In New Jersey, however, it is the landlord’s responsibility to make certain the tenant has access to this information. Landlords must supply tenants with a copy of the Truth in Renting bulletin, and this is not optional.

In fact, it is fair to say that a landlord starts the eviction process as soon as the property is rented out because this particular document is essential to the eviction process. If a tenant never receives a copy from the landlord, an eviction may be legally blocked later. The State of New Jersey Department of Community Affairs provides online copies of this bulletin so that landlords have easy access to this important document.

The necessity of this bulletin is just one of the differences between landlord-tenant laws in New Jersey and other states that an out-of-state landlord might be unfamiliar with. Overlooking any one of these laws can make things extremely difficult for a landlord later on, and our firm can help you make certain all of your bases are covered.

Representation in Your Absence

Just because you own property in New Jersey, it doesn’t necessarily follow that you want to make a trip here every time there is a legal issue. When you ask yourself why you should hire a New Jersey eviction lawyer, you should be aware that there are several steps to the eviction process, and you may neither want nor need to be present for all of them. This costs you both time and money, and in most cases, it is just easier—and probably more affordable—to have your lawyer complete the required steps for you.

Eviction laws and procedures are complicated enough without having to figure them out for multiple states. For most out-of-state landlords, it’s both more cost-effective and less stressful to simply hire a New Jersey eviction lawyer from our firm to navigate the process on your behalf.

Qualified Eviction Lawyers in New Jersey

As experienced and knowledgeable New Jersey eviction lawyers, the attorneys at Jean Baptiste & Associates, LLC can help you with your landlord-tenant legal challenges.

Don’t put your property on the line by attempting to manage an eviction from another state. Let us make sure you retain your rights as a landlord. Please call our office or complete the form at the bottom of this page for a free consultation.

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