Top Five Ways a New Jersey Eviction Lawyer Can Help a Landlord

While there are many ways that a real estate lawyer can help you, the top five ways a New Jersey eviction lawyer can assist landlords involves far more than just filing eviction notices. In fact, an eviction lawyer’s value extends far beyond the eviction process, and it may even begin before you ever rent your property out.

Here are some of the primary ways that an experienced eviction lawyer from Jean Baptiste & Associates, LLC can help you with your landlord-tenant relations:

Preventative Maintenance

The state of New Jersey makes certain that tenants know their rights so that they can properly interact with their landlords. New Jersey’s real estate laws are intended to prevent unfair evictions. However, renting and evicting in New Jersey don’t follow the same procedures as is in other states, so it pays to have a lawyer who knows, understands, and helps you take action throughout the process.

We can help you put together a package for new tenants that includes the Truth in Renting bulletin, which every New Jersey landlord must provide for their tenants. This and other proactive measures are considered preventative maintenance that could safeguard you from unknowingly violating your tenant’s rights.

Lease Details

We know that the terms of a lease can play an enormous role in the eviction process. Each item must be fully spelled out without any details being left open to interpretation. We can help you create a lease that works for each and every one of your rental properties so that all of your bases are covered.

We can even help you create a template that can be modified to suit the details of each of your rental properties and tenants, but that is also constantly updated to reflect any changes in rental and eviction laws.

Lawful Evictions

Do you have grounds for an eviction? New Jersey has strict laws that govern when you can and can’t evict someone. These laws apply to everything from the documentation you have to provide to rent increases and lack of payment. When it comes to eviction, you want to make certain you carry out every step according to the law. Otherwise, you risk costly fees and penalties—possibly even criminal charges.

Choosing the Path of Least Resistance

You may have several reasons for wanting to evict someone, and you may have several grounds for doing so. Depending on the specifics of your tenant and your rental property, you may have multiple options for how to proceed—all with different requirements. An experienced eviction lawyer from our firm can help you choose the path that offers the least resistance for a timely eviction.

Staying Within Legal Bounds

Of all the ways a New Jersey eviction lawyer from our office can help you, keeping the process within legal bounds may be the most important. Your attorney can ensure you are in full compliance with the law, from rental application to eviction filing and every step in between. We’ll help you retain your landlord rights throughout the process.

Experienced New Jersey Eviction Lawyers

If you need assistance with any part of the renting and eviction process, or you just want to make sure you rent your property according to New Jersey laws, our experienced attorneys at Jean Baptiste & Associates, LLC can help. Let us advise you so you don’t overlook important steps in the process. Please call our office or complete the form at the bottom of this page for a free consultation.

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