Washington Township Traffic Ticket Lawyer

There are a number of ways for your day to be turned upside-down, and one with a high cost attached is receiving a traffic ticket. Whether your ticket is for rolling through a stop sign or a DUI resulting in an injury, the repercussions can be financially, personally, and professionally expensive.

If you have received a citation, you need the help of a Washington Township traffic ticket lawyer from Jean Baptiste & Associates, LLC to help you sort through the legal challenges and keep your penalties as low as possible.

New Jersey Driving Points and Traffic Violations

The New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) tracks traffic offenses through a statewide point system. Every violation is valued at a set number of points, anywhere from two to five per violation, and some accidents and stops will include multiple violations—racking up points quickly.

If you reach six points, you will be assessed a surcharge of $150 plus $25 for each additional point annually for three years, and if you reach twelve, your license will be suspended until you take a court-ordered driving course.

There are only two voluntary ways to drop points off your license after you have received them. If you can make it one year without any traffic tickets of any kind, you will have three points removed annually. You may also take a voluntary defensive driver program which will remove two points, but this can only be done once every five years. By working with a Washington Township traffic ticket lawyer every time you get a ticket, you may be able to avoid both of these options entirely—saving you time, money, and your license.

Insurance Points and Traffic Citations

Even if you do manage to drop your points through this program, the insurance company may not recognize the reduction. Insurance companies sometimes follow the state’s point schedule, but some have their own system. Either will affect your insurance premiums, costing you much more over the years.

Regardless, you want to avoid points rather than remove them to save the most time, money, and stress, and a Washington Township traffic violation lawyer from our firm can help you do exactly that.

Common Washington Township Traffic Tickets

Some of the most common traffic citations and their penalties are as follows:

  • Reckless Driving – FIve points, $50–$200 fine, or sixty days in jail
  • Speeding – Two to Five points, $50–$200 fine, or fifteen days in jail
  • Running a Red Light – Two points, $50–$200 fine, or fifteen days in jail
  • Failure to Signal – Two points, $50–$200 fine, or fifteen days in jail
  • Tailgating – Two points, $50–$200 fine, or fifteen days in jail
  • Driving with an Expired License –  $200–$500 fine or sixty days jail time, and no license for at least 180 days
  • All fines can be doubled in any Safe Corridor Area

To avoid points, fines, and other penalties, you will need an experienced Washington Township traffic ticket lawyer to handle the paperwork, courtroom proceedings, and negotiations with the prosecution. We may be able to reduce the charges or even get them dismissed completely. Even if you think you might be guilty of your traffic offense, we might still be able to save you both money and points.

Consult with a Washington Township Traffic Violation Lawyer

If you have received a motor vehicle citation, you need to fight it and protect both your finances and your family’s mobility. Contact a Washington Township traffic ticket lawyer from Jean Baptiste & Associates, LLC so that we can build the best defense possible for your case.

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