What Happens if I Ignore My New Jersey Traffic Ticket?

Traffic tickets may not seem like a big deal, but they can be every bit as serious as a criminal charge. If you’re wondering “what happens if I ignore my New Jersey traffic ticket,” read on to discover the answer.

No one has ever said that they enjoyed getting a ticket, but that does not mean you should ignore it. It’s always better to deal with things as they come—before too much time goes by and nothing more can be done. This rings true in many areas, and traffic law is no different.

Ignoring a New Jersey traffic ticket will result in far worse penalties that can affect your whole way of life. Instead of ignoring a citation, you need to get a New Jersey traffic ticket lawyer from Jean Baptiste & Associates, LLC to aid in challenging your charges.

Missing Deadlines and Ignoring Procedures

There are many ways to compound the damages and frustrations involved with traffic tickets, but a major one is missing deadlines and ignoring court orders.

If you miss the appointed deadline to pay your fines, they will be raised, possibly even doubled. Your ticket will likely have some of the specifics on it. If you did not already have a court date, you may now if the deadline for paying or challenging your ticket has passed.

Missing Your Court Date

If you have a court date and completely miss it, some towns will issue a letter with the new court date, but many will simply issue a warrant for your arrest. Depending on your municipality, you may have to pay bail or write a letter asking for a new court date to remove the warrant. If you are pulled over while a warrant is out for your arrest, you may spend some time in jail.

Furthermore, if you missed your court date, you may automatically be found guilty and have a date scheduled for your license suspension.

Ignoring your Surcharges

Surcharges are fines assessed by the New Jersey Surcharge Violation System (NJSVS) on an annual basis to drivers who have been convicted of specific offenses, were driving while suspended, or have excessive points for traffic violations.

You may be tempted to ignore this penalty as well, but if you do, your license will be suspended until you pay off all of your fines and surcharges and pass a court-ordered driving class—and even then you are still only allowed a probationary drivers license.

Insurance Rate Hikes

Along with court costs like fees, fines, and surcharges, you will also likely receive higher insurance rates due to all of the points accruing. These premium increases can cost thousands in the long run, and at a certain point, the insurer may drop you altogether.

Don’t Ignore Your New Jersey Traffic Citation

If you or someone you know has received a traffic citation in New Jersey, you need to fight the ticket to avoid the worst of the potential punishments and penalties. To have the best chance of winning your argument against the courts, you will need a New Jersey traffic citation lawyer from Jean Baptiste & Associates, LLC on your side.

Please give us a call to arrange a time to meet for a free, no-obligation legal consultation at your earliest convenience. You may also fill out the form below to set a time for one of our associates to call you back.

Do not ignore a traffic ticket. You could easily lose your finances, your license, and even your freedom.

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