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Life in New Jersey can be wonderful—until you hear sirens and see flashing red and blue lights behind you. Almost everyone has gotten a speeding ticket or been charged with some other traffic violation at some point in their lives, so we all know what a hassle they can be.

These tickets can cost you thousands of dollars, temporary or permanent loss of your license, mandatory community service, and even jail time. Along with these troubles, you will also receive points on your license that the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) uses to track motorists’ violations. These points will quickly turn into higher insurance premiums as if the penalties weren’t bad enough already.

If you have been charged with a traffic violation, it is important to fight the ticket to protect your time, your finances, and your livelihood. With the help of a New Jersey traffic ticket lawyer from Jean Baptiste & Associates, LLC, you can avoid these costly penalties.

New Jersey Traffic Ticket Penalties

New Jersey has an immense number of potential traffic violations that you can be charged with, and almost all of them have an exorbitant fine and many have the possibility of jail time. Listed below are some of the most commonly occurring violations and expensive penalties. With help from a New Jersey traffic ticket lawyer, you may be able to avoid some of these fines and sentences.

  • Driving without a license carries a fine of $200 to $500 or imprisonment for not more than sixty days and no license issued for at least 180 days.
  • Driving with a suspended license has a fine of $500, a surcharge of $250 for three years, and a six-month license suspension.
  • Reckless driving carries a fine of $50 to $200 or imprisonment not exceeding sixty days—or both for even the first offense.
  • Driving uninsured carries a fine of $300 to $1,000, a period of community service as determined by the court, and suspension of driving privileges for one year for the first offense.
  • Speeding is a tiered penalty system, so if you are over by a certain amount you will pay more.

No matter what you have been charged with, these penalties can seriously undermine your finances, career, and your life in general. You need to fight these costly fines and the points that could lead to increased insurance costs. Fighting traffic tickets is an arduous endeavor, so seeking out a New Jersey traffic violation lawyer from our office is a must.

What Can a New Jersey Traffic Ticket Lawyer Do for You?

A New Jersey traffic ticket lawyer has the ability to lift many burdens from your shoulders. With our help, you can focus on your regular world, leaving the legal hassles to us. We can take care of the paperwork and many of the courtroom appearances, and we can often get the charges reduced or dismissed. Your New Jersey traffic violation lawyer may also be able to get the points that are charged to your license reduced, saving your license and insurance premiums.

New Jersey Traffic Ticket FAQ

Below are some of the frequently asked questions the New Jersey traffic ticket lawyers in our office receive, along with their answers:

How Many Points Can I Receive Before I Lose My License?

Under New Jersey’s point system, once you have accumulated a total of twelve points or more, your license will be suspended. Every year you go without a violation will deduct three points from your record.

How Will My Traffic Ticket Affect My Auto Insurance?

While it varies by the company, most insurers will increase your premium when points are added to your license. While there are ways to reduce your points, many insurers will not factor these reductions into how much you pay.

Will I Have to Go to Court if I Fight My Traffic Ticket?

In most cases, your New Jersey traffic ticket lawyer will be able to appear in court on your behalf, making your presence unnecessary. Whether you will need to be present will depend on the specifics of your case and what violation you have been charged with.

Get a Legal Evaluation from a New Jersey Traffic Violation Lawyer

You may have been speeding only a little or forgotten to turn on your headlights in the rain, but the costs could potentially be avoided if you fight the charges. With help from a New Jersey traffic ticket lawyer from Jean Baptiste & Associates, LLC, you can keep your driving privileges intact.

Please call us or fill out the form below to schedule your consultation. You really shouldn’t wait until you absolutely have to stay below twelve points, so fight every ticket every time.